7 Signs You Might Be a Crazy Cat Lady

a middle aged lady holds her cat in a bathrobe and towel

Do you have a moderate affection for cats? Or has your cat love reached almost obsessive levels? Feline obsession is real, and the “crazy cat lady” stereotype rings true for some. Read on for 7 telltale signs you may be turning into an over-the-top cat fanatic.

  1. You Have More Pictures of Your Cat Than Friends on Your Phone

We all love our precious furbabies. But if your camera roll features more close-up shots of Mittens than selfies with friends...you may be a little cat crazy. When our camera storage fills up faster with cat pics than family gatherings - it’s time to reevaluate.

a crazy cat lady picks up a speckled cat on her sofa

  1. You Have a Literal Cat Shrine in Your Home

Does your décor feature more cat paintings, sculptures, drawings and portraits than anything else? Do you have a designated corner, table or even room to showcase your expansive cat memorabilia collection? Beware crossing over from cat lover to cat altar builder.

  1. Your Idea of the Purrfect Gift is Cat-Related for Everyone

We get it, cat mugs, t-shirts and stuffed animals seem like foolproof gift ideas in your mind. But you may want to rethink those cat socks for your cousin Brad. Not everyone shares your “crazy cat lady” levels of feline fever.

  1. You Meow Back Whenever Your Cat Meows

Communicating with your cats using meows shows a deep bond...to a point. Once you find yourself having full-on meow conversations for hours - it’s a sign you may have slipped too far down the cat obsession tunnel.

  1. You Make Your Own Cat Costumes for Halloween

Making creative cat costumes can be fun...for you. Forced to wear elaborate wizard cloaks and dragon wings, your cat likely does not share your enthusiasm. If you have a closet full of handmade cat outfits, it’s worth examining when costuming goes too far.

  1. You Make Your Cat "Talk" Using Funny Voices

Do you use silly voices, accents and outrageous dialogue when “speaking” for your cat? For example: “Good morning, Madame...Garfield requires his royal breakfast now! posh British accent”. This humorous bit may confuse visitors when you essentially hold conversations with yourself via your cat’s “voice”.

  1. You Only Wear Cat-Themed Accessories and Clothing

Has your wardrobe transformed almost exclusively into cat prints, cat faces, whiskers and more cats? Do you only shop for clothes at specialty cat outfitter stores? When your closet contains more cat tees than plain tops...you may be embracing full-on “crazy cat lady” life.

The Verdict: Have You Caught the Cat Lady Bug?

Do any of these 7 warning signs of becoming a “crazy cat lady” ring familiar? The good news - embracing quirky cat love can bring great joy (and kitty snuggles). But beware slipping into socially awkward cat obsession territory! Let us know in the comments below if you identified with any of these telltale signs of becoming an extreme cat fanatic!


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