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Space Age Cat Carrier Bag

  • Purr-fect gift for cat or dog owners
  • Suitable for cats and dogs weighing 6 - 7.5 kg (13 - 16.5 lbs)
  • Top and side zippered closures for kitty to easily get in and out
  • Spacious interior to accommodate your cat comfortably
  • Clear visor lets kitty see its surroundings
  • Strategic breathing holes and mesh sides ensure sufficient ventilation
  • Three beautiful colors to choose from
  • Selecting fine workmanship material to make this soft sided pet backpack durable and designed to keep your pet fully protected, secure and comfortable.
  • The semi-sphere see-through window is superior airflow plus with great visibility that is perfectly for your pet to look out & for you to check or play with it. Besides, there are three ventilation holes on it.
  • 12 Ventilation Holes are distributed around this carrier.(6 on the front face,6 inside face), which is important to get the pet with air fresh, airflow, comfortable and safe, and the air fresh and cool. interact with the pet.
  • Dimensions: 13.38’’L×10.23’’W×16.53’’, Bubble diameter:6.1’’
  • Please measure your pet, especially the body length (neck to base of tail), before purchase.It is recommended the pet’s length beneath 17’’, weight no more than 12lb(dog),15lb(cat).
  • Material: Artificial Leather
  • Special Promotion is Limited to 3 Purchase Per Customer


    Ask a Question
    • How do you interchange the mesh and bubble viewing covers? I cannot remove the mesh cover.

      Hi there,
      Here is the way to remove the mesh and install the bubble dome:

      How to remove the mesh?
      1) Unzip both sides so that you can flatten the backpack down and get a grip on the peephole's outer ring.
      2) Put the backpack down with the peephole up and the top of the backpack facing toward you.
      3) Grasp, push down and twist the peephole's outer ring to the left with both hands if you have small hands.People with larger hands can grasp, push down, and twist the outer ring while reaching into the backpack and holding the inner ring. Kept twisting and the ring eventually came off.
      4) Once you have the ring off, set it aside. The plastic mesh peephole insert pops right out.

      How to install the bubble dome?
      1) Put the backpack on a flat surface.
      2) Put the dome over the peephole. It fits right into the base.
      3) Put the ring over the dome and down onto the peephole's base. Press tight.
      4) Twist the outer ring to the right and screw it onto the peephole base nice and tight.

      Hope this is help. Thank you

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